Douglas J. Savage
Date of Death: September 14, 2020
Ron and Maureen Hamel
Croce family
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Moloney's Bohemia Funeral Home
Thursday 9/17, 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Religious Service

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Friday 9/18
Good Shepherd RC Church
Friday 9/18, 10:00 am

Douglas “Doug” J. Savage, 70. Over 40 year resident of Holbrook, raised in Kings Park. Went home September 14th, 2020. Born in Brooklyn April 2nd, 1950 to Parents James and Magdalene (Bruce) Savage. Dedicated Husband to wife Roxanne, devoted Father to Daughters Kerin (Jennifer) and Lauren (Richard) and Son Ian (Danielle). Proud Pa to Matthew,…

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Dave left a message on December 29, 2020:
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Dave left a message on September 19, 2020:
Douglas James Savage April 2, 1950 - September 14, 2020 Eulogy For My Brother Odd situation ... for about a week I have been telling Michael that I hear bagpipes, he didn’t...also Douglas has been talking about the Bruce/Kennedy clan. Not in the usual way when he tells stories but simply discussing his Scottish roots and how lucky he felt to have them all. Well I chose to believe the pipes were the Bruce’s and Kennedy’s arriving and preparing Doug. I am positive my mother bought him home with the help of the clan. It left me with the feeling of row faster I hear banjo’s. Funny story, your dad was about 8 -10 yrs old and we were at my grandparents in Jersey... as we finished lunch your dad (Doug) says WHEW! I’m stuffed...to which my grandmother yells (in her heavy Scottish accent, John! John! (My grandfather) will you no get me the tape recorder, say it again son say it again! A few years back Douglas spent a week visiting us at our house in Florida (David and Michael) ...I have heard him tell his story about the alligators and how brave he was standing on the bank. Well truth be told one day a huge 15 ft gator came swimming towards us...I have never seen Doug run so fast ... He would’ve put Jesse Owens to shame! As you know Pop worked in NYC so he took the train everyday. Well one night your grandmother had to leave us alone to finish our spaghetti while she went to get Pop. Well your Dad starts picking on Debbie and she becomes furious, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop her from picking up her plate of spaghetti and throwing it at Doug... there he sat with spaghetti hanging from his head and shoulders....just as my parents walked in...Doug looked like Tiny Tim…LOL. When I was 1 yr old we lived in Brooklyn on Covert Street in a beautiful brownstone. One day I crawled to close to the stairs.... and tumbled down an entire flight....my mother screamed as I was headed for the cast iron radiator and Doug came running from the Parlor and grabbed me into his arms....looking quite proud he yells to my Mom...I GOT HIM! Even at that early age Douglas was there to catch me when I stumbled. Cute story that your dad would kill me if he knew I told it...but it shows how caring he was...as a child I could never make it through the night without using the bathroom 2 or 3 times...so I would always wake your dad up and ask him to walk me to the bathroom...he never said no....and there we stood both of us “tinkling”.... gosh... I’m glad we had good aim! We were all at Doug and Roxannes’ for a Sunday lunch as we did when the kids were young. Well, Doug finishes and accidentally? Hmmmmm....lets one rip! EWWWW...PHEW! Undaunted Doug yells out ... I can name that tune in 3 notes! More to my eulogizing of my brother ... a story according to Doug ... Douglas and his family are trying to land in Grand Junction Colorado when a terrible rain storm swoops in... the rain and wind made flying impossible...the passengers were being flipped from the wind, the pilot was losing control and screaming May Day May Day! To the flight tower... Doug notices Ian is missing and looks up to find Ian floating in the cabin struggling to grab a luggage rack.. Super man umm er I mean Doug jumps into action and pulls Ian back to the ground. Anyone want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn? When your Dad was about 10 he wanted a minibike in the worst way....my Mom absolutely refused... well on Saturday my Dad and Douglas arrive home with a minibike... well my Mom was not happy but she was busy preparing for a visit from my grandfather’s brother Uncle Archie...Well Uncle Archie had to take a spin in the backyard, so he climbed on and was having a grand time until he started going faster and faster the bike was speeding through the yard and as he passed he shouted to Doug (in heavy Scottish accent) Where’s the brakes! Where’s the brakes! After which he went through the back fence! He loved it and would speak of Doug’s motor bike whenever he visited from Scotland. Ian.... Two weeks ago I had a phone conversation with your Dad about life. I wanted you to know that he told me how proud of the father, husband and man you have become. His exact words are Ian has come so far and I am not worried about him at all. Those are words we all want from our Dad but seldom get....good for you! Acceptance, that’s all Douglas was about. He didn’t want fancy things, he didn’t have to have the greenest lawn, he didn’t have to be in the best shape (you won that one Doug!) But ask for help and he is there. Compassion, my brother never pushed me away when I needed support. Love, unconditional and unwavering. That was Doug... thorns? Yea sure he had them don’t we all? But the difference is Doug wouldn’t notice. So he tried to be funny and the jokes usually flopped, so he tried to join in and he felt the embarrassment of rejection. About two weeks ago my loving brother was incredibly upset and called me on the phone I had to stop him and ask him to start again. He was hurt, what it was makes no difference now. He wanted to know why God made him different. Well Douglas James Savage, God did make you different, he made you the man I strive to be, he made you a shinning example of kindness and caring. So as I sit here broken hearted that my brother is gone I will forever take with me a piece of my brother and smile because he remains in my heart.
Ron and Maureen Hamel left a message on September 18, 2020:
Keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
Kathleen Falconer- Finnegan left a message on September 17, 2020:
Doug I will miss you. Always reaching to connect, always wanting us to know how much you cared, aways wanting to show much you loved us. I hope you knew how much we loved and appreciated you. Roxanne and family, we join you in celebrating Doug's life and mourning his passing. Kathy and Jim
Croce family left a message on September 17, 2020:
I’m so sorry for your loss.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Rafeena left a message on September 17, 2020:
I always thought of Doug as a big teddy bear. He was my mentor and friend. Doug was extremely proud of his children and grand children (always showed off the family Christmas pictures). Rest in Peace my friend, I will miss you.
Roses left a message on September 17, 2020:
May you always Rest in Peace. Our prayers for you and your family.
Laura (Moore) Regan left a message on September 17, 2020:
So saddened to hear of cousin Doug's passing. I have many good memories of him at Mama and Pa Bruce's house on Alberta Avenue on holidays. I have a very clear memory of visiting Aunt Lal and Uncle James in Kings Park. Doug had just come home from school. He had several text books wrapped in an elastic book band (no backpacks back then). Since I was much younger, I thought he was so smart, so big, and so cool. He grew up to be a kind, loving father and grandfather. No man has a greater legacy. My thoughts are with you all during this time.
Ricardo Wilches left a message on September 17, 2020:
I was so sad to hear about Doug’s passing. We got pizza just a few days before. As usual we competed to see who would eat the pizza first. We laughed over this because this is something we would do in our office. We shared many laughs and great times since I met him a few years ago. I am in disbelief that he was taken so soon and I will miss him deeply. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this incredibly difficult time.
Pamela Moore Cunningham left a message on September 16, 2020:
Words could never express how sorry I am to hear of my cousin Doug's passing. Prayers are going out to all.
LESLIE A Makely left a message on September 16, 2020:
I am so saddened to hear that Doug passed away. I never thought he would be gone too early. I remember Doug playing his car radio for me on a visit to Kings Park with my sister Laura. I was just approaching my teens and was so happy to be with my older cousin! Doug was a kind and gentle soul. I know that he must have been a wonderful grandfather "Pa" and will be missed by all. Take comfort in all of the good memories you have. Leslie (Moore) Makely
Russ and Diane left a message on September 15, 2020:
My family will always remember Doug as a very kind and loving person to all. Love to all the family. Russ and Diane Finnegan
Moloney Family Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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