Gail Inzerillo-Latella
Date of Death: November 30, 2018
Deanna Ciabattari
Kayla and John Cappe
John and Kelli Kleemann Light a candle
Light a Candle
Tuesday 12/4, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Moloney's Bohemia Funeral Home
Tuesday 12/4,
Moloney's Bohemia Funeral Home

Religious Service

Wednesday 12/5, 10:00 am
St. Lawrence The Martyr RC Church

Funeral Mass

Nassau Suffolk Crematory

Cremation Private


In the spirit of honoring Gail’s philanthropic heart, in lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the following charities in her name:
Four Paws

Save the Children

Four Paws Save the Children

In the spirit of honoring Gail’s philanthropic heart, in lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations be made to the following charities in her name: Four Paws Save the Children Please use the memorial tab to access the websites

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Danielle Vitagliano-Gager left a message on December 17, 2018:
I met Mrs. Inzerillo my 9th grade year at East Junior. She used to tease me as to how many vowels are in both of our last names. She taught me how to understand the story behind the story. She taught me alot and i still remember til this day. You were a great teacher and more importantly, a great person. Rest easy... Thoughts and prayers to have family. May you take solace in all the good and wonderful words that people are sending in letting you know how special she was.
John left a message on December 8, 2018:
Heaven received an angel this evening. Rest easy Gail. My sister in law was a good soul who loved and appreciated all the little things in life. She would treat a fly the same way she would a human. She was a lover of animals and the environment and did everything in her power to protect the majesty of the land and oceans. It was a common occurrence to witness Gail walk on the beaches to collect trash so that it couldn’t be in harms way to the birds and ocean life. She was that type of person. After a valiant effort and fight, she lost the battle to the horrible disease of cancer. Shejohnwill be adorned by all those who knew her, were made better by having her in their lives and loved her. May you Rest In Peace Gaily-
Kimberly Vigier left a message on December 5, 2018:
My Aunt Gail was truly one in a million, the kind of person this world desperately needs more of. An incredible educator, a lover of animals, a conservationist, a philanthropist with too many charities to mention, a social justice activist and the brightest light in every room she entered. The kind of person who would walk the beach collecting garbage to keep the oceans clean, the crazy lady who would pull over on the side of the road to bring home an injured animal and nurse it back to health and a woman who traveled the country knocking on doors during countless elections to educate voters and bring about change. And she did it all with grace, love and her incredible wit. She was the best role model for what it meant to be a strong, educated, force to be reckoned with woman and I wish that both my girls and I had more time to learn from her. She was the first one to offer help when you needed it and selfless to the end, more concerned with how we would all survive once she was gone than with her own fate. While our world is darker without her, the heavens are forever brighter. Rest easy until we meet again.
Deanna Ciabattari left a message on December 5, 2018:
It has been nearly 30 years and I can remember 9th grade English class like it was yesterday. We learned a great deal and laughed just as much. Mrs. Latella was a wonderful teacher and, more importantly, a special person.
Deb Hollm left a message on December 4, 2018:
Gail was a person like no other and my life, like all of us who knew her, is better for having shared time together. She had a selfless generosity of spirit, a joyful whimsy, a nonjudgmental nature, and a passion for justice; all of which I admired so much. And despite her many gifts, Gail had a sincere humbleness. My heart breaks for all who loved her, and that list is long.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Bobbe Frankel left a message on December 4, 2018:
Gail loved her students, she loved animals, she loved her family and loved life. All of her students spoke highly of he. As I counselor I heard plenty of students complain about teachers! They never complained about Gail, quite the contrary. She had such a quick wit and as brilliant. The world will miss her. All of those that loved her will remember her with great stories and loads of love. She was very unique in so many ways. The definition of a humanitarian!
ANDREA INZERILLO RAPPA left a message on December 4, 2018:
My earliest memories of my Aunt Gail were driving to see Grandma Margaret, Papa Jack, Aunt Gail & Aunt Prudi on Sunday's. I will always remember the smell of fresh cut grass as we arrived, the joy & comfort of walking in and smelling the sauce. Always laughter, the Sunday comics, I remember Aunt Gail played the banjo for us :) Every Christmas was spent with my Aunt Gail, my birthday, Santa Claus would arrive (a/k/a Aunt Gail). When I was a little girl, maybe 4, my Aunt Gail gave me the most beautiful koala bear, so soft, I never forgot. She wrapped all of the gifts in Sunday comics! To this day, The Peanuts Gang takes me to my Aunt Gail. I have never heard an unkind word from my aunt. She was never judgmental. She was understanding, supportive & inspiring to everyone who knew her. My Aunt Gail was very passionate about her love of animals, children & politics - but she went one step further...she volunteered her time with animals & marine life, she spent her career teaching children & supported the local & the presidential campaigns on so many levels. A true philanthropist. My Aunt Gail never wavered in her strength when it came to those she loved & those that needed her. Always there to lend a hand, a shoulder, give advice, or to just say nothing & be there. Never asked for anything in return. To sum up what I feel today, it is my honor to know that my beautiful & gracious Aunt Gail will always be with me, in laughter, in sorrow & for always. I love you Aunt Gail <3 Andrea
Chris Thorpe left a message on December 4, 2018:
Those of us who taught along side Gail were inspired by her devotion, humor, energy and genuine caring for students and staff. I am sure that Gail's former students still benefit from her lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. I was rarely in Gail's company when I did not share a laugh and her memory will forever bring a smile to my face.
Alida Thorpe left a message on December 4, 2018:
Always a pleasure to be in Gail's company, I loved her sense of humor and her unique way of looking at any situation. She will be missed. My condolences to Vinnie, her family, and friends.
helene jarmol uchida left a message on December 4, 2018:
It all began in Brentwood for me. Gail was my first friend and the kids were my mentors. Just as Gail’s and my friendship never wavered even though I moved to San Francisco and eventually Japan, it will not waiver with her physical departure. She remains with me in spirit: her humor, her compassion, her generosity. She is a part of the Brentwood fabric that has woven itself into my soul. With the remaining days afforded me, I will laugh a little more for Gail. I will extend my compassion for others one degree further for Gail and I will be more generous in place of her. She is not gone; she is still here through me and all the people whose souls she touched. Until Unicorns become possible again… Helene Jarmol Uchida
Christine left a message on December 4, 2018:
The loss of my sister-in- law Gail was tragic and so unfair. This horrific disease took her life too soon and we are all heartbroken. Gail was a gift to her family and friends, a loving woman with an incredible commitment to taking care of others. Her love for her family and friends was both unwavering and unconditional. She was a woman that gave so much and asked so little in return. Whether it was taking care of an injured animal or picking up debris on the beach, Gail did everything she could to preserve and protect the environment and its inhabitants. Never in all the years I knew her did I ever hear her say an ill word about anyone or pass judgement towards anyone. She was the most accepting, selfless person I know with a beautiful, generous heart. On one of her final days she said"I love everyone, you are all so beautiful", that is who Gail truly was. Her beautiful heart and spirit will be held close to all of us. She has touched countless lives and made a difference in so many ways. I love you Gallie and will miss you more than words can ever say...
Linda Perillo left a message on December 3, 2018:
My heart goes out to Vinnie and the Inzerillo and Latella families. Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. May Gail rest in eternal peace.
Bob Marcus left a message on December 3, 2018:
Gail inspired me. I was a new teacher, fresh out of college. Gail was a firebrand. She cared so much for our students. She taught with such love and so much enthusiasm. Gail was the epitome of a creative, effective teacher. I will always appreciate the influence Gail had on me and what I strove to be.
Lenny Nicotri left a message on December 3, 2018:
I remember the first time I saw Miss Inzerillo when I enter my English Class it was magical for me - we became friends and remained friends and we reunited on Facebook - She was an extremely sweet person and a caring teacher. The kind of teacher you only see in movies or on TV unless you knew Mrs. Gail Inzerillo - Latella - RIP
steve howland left a message on December 3, 2018:
Gail was a master teacher that allowed her students at east junior high school to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.I feel blessed to have worked with this warm and caring lady
Tracey R. Bennett left a message on December 3, 2018:
Where would I have been if I hadn't met Gail Latella? She was shopping in Bloomingdale's one night and I was working behind the counter and after a brief conversation I expressed to her that I wanted to become a teacher. Through her I was able to connect with Brentwood and send in my application. She guided me through the process and when I received my masters in education from Hofstra University I obtained a job in the Brentwood School District. Throughout my 18 years of teaching in Brentwood I have travelled to foreign countries with colleagues, taught some great students and made lifelong friends along the way. When I met Gail little did I know that she gave me a chance to work in education and I am forever grateful. Thanks Gail - I'll never forget you.
MARLENE WASHINGTON left a message on December 3, 2018:
What a wonderful experience it was working at East MS and seeing you in action. A remarkable human being. Rest in peace Gail knowing you have left a beautiful legacy to those who came in contact with you.
Mary Petricone left a message on December 3, 2018:
It was almost a half a century ago that Gail was my English Teacher for one year. One year and she deeply and completely changed my life. She had a rare and beautiful quality of seeing people from the inside out, and expressing back to you what you came here to do. She did it with honesty And humor. When someone shines a light on your profound self and tells you who you really are, you are never the same. It truly is the most beautiful gift you can give another human being. My whole life I have checked in with Gail. I never missed an opportunity to tell her how she was one of the people who enlightened my life. Being Gail she would laugh it off, and say “Mary you would have found it in someone else!” I would disagree immediately. The fact is Gail is one of those rare human beings who shines a light for others, She holds the light, till you can find your way, and then she laughs when you try to give her attention. Humble. Kind. Cosmically comic. Honest. Generous. Human. Soulful. The earth will not be the same without you. The day you passed I did the things in front of me to do With love and kindness for people, because that’s what we learn to do from examples like you. Gail always put people and all living things on earth FIRST. How often do you see that? The earth shifted the day you left. You did good Gailie. You did a very good job. See you in what’s next when my time comes. Thank you for taking such good care of my mind, my heart and my soul till I could do those things for myself. I love you forever, Mary (Guoan) Petricone
Bobbe Frankel left a message on December 2, 2018:
The children at school always loved you. There were only a handful of teachers kids did not complain about and you were one of those teachers. I loved your spunk and the 100% energy you put into anything you believed in. May you walk with the angels knowing your light will continue to burn for all of those that love you.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Ann & Gary Fasano left a message on December 2, 2018:
Deepest sympathies to the Inzerillo and Latella families on the loss of Gail. Wishing you all comfort and peace during this difficult time.
Kayla and John Cappe left a message on December 2, 2018:
We will always remember our visits to the aquarium. Thank you for sharing your love and respect of animals and nature.You were always encouraging and easy to talk to. We will never forget you.
John and Kelli Kleemann left a message on December 1, 2018:
Forever in our hearts, your love and compassion for all living things will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Moloney Family Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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