Condolences for David A. Barbaccia

Susan weiss posted on 3/13/18

Will always miss those ocean blue eyes and smile. Always in my ❤️



Susan Weiss posted on 3/13/18

Your blue eyes and smile will always be in my heart ❤️



Susan Weiss posted on 3/13/18

Will miss your smile and those blue ocean eyes. Always keep smiling. Missing you always.


Tara Ann posted on 3/9/18

Unc, I never thought I would be writing this, I never expected to get that phone call. I feel such a loss of words. Such complete shock. I miss you and all your goofiness. You always knew just how to make everyone laugh and smile even though you were a quite man. You loved all of us, all of your family. And we loved you. Things will just never be the same without you here. My heart is broken but I pray your resting now no more stress. Say hi to nana and papa for me and I will see you soon. I love you with all my heart. You were the only dad I had and I was pretty lucky to have you. Thank you for always being there for me. I know we shared some deep conversations throughout my life there might not been many but the few we did share were very special to me. I will never forget the tears we shared together. I love you UNC you were the best and always will be.


Jamie Booth posted on 3/8/18

Dave, a wonderful dedicated man to his work and sons. I think his cigarettes is what got him through his long days of demands, driving all around the island, last minute requests and quickly responding, we worked together for 10 was a good run. I can say he never complained and always had a poker face on during difficult days...he always did what was needed to get the job done without saying boo. I always thought maybe he was a workaholic but he wasn't, he always wanted to please who he worked for or with and had a family to support of his own that I know he really loved. Many stories to be had, laughter, joking around and also worked extremely hard. You were taken to soon and now you will be resting and looking down, guiding your family in spirit. Spirit is a powerful's for real and you will not be forgotten.



Laura Ogno posted on 3/8/18

I will miss you David. I remember we used to bring our boys to church, you on one side, Anthony, Joseph, Tommy and Ryan in the middle and me on the other side. Whenever I would see your Mom I'd always asked how you were doing. Would send you a Christmas card every year and you always sent one back, You were one of the best, Dave. I'll remember you always.


Joe Barbaccia posted on 3/8/18

Daddy I love you and miss you so much.